The Awe-Filled Life

Rev. Beth Banks; Sarah Larkin, Worship Associate.  Awe is edgier than wonder or amazement; awe balances on the knife’s edge of surprise and fear. In Hebrew and Christian Scripture, awe happens when the normal world is shaken from its foundation. It’s when a pathway in … read more.

The Wholly Holy Family

December 22, 11:15am ONLY, Rev. Beth Banks; Juuliebells perform.  Celebrate the many forms of family: families with children and those who have no children; families with adopted and foster children; those who create family by choosing among friends; same-sex couples . . . the list … read more.

Christmas Eve Candlelight Services (3 times)

4pm; Multigenerational; Rev. Morgan McLean; Celebrate the season in story and song! All ages are welcome to participate in our “no rehearsal” pageant.

7 & 9pm; Traditional; Rev. Beth Banks, Rev. Morgan McLean. A night of peace and goodwill with carols, readings, homilies, and the Christmas … read more.

In the Bleak Midwinter

December 29, 11:15am ONLY, Alex Haider-Winnett; Clifford Ohmart, Worship Associate.  As we wrap up 2019, let us settle into the stillness and quiet of midwinter to reflect and rest. This time calls on us to seek, find and hold a stillness. In this solstice and … read more.